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How Xsited Leads Got Started

Xsited Leads is about helping you go from where you are now to where you want to be.  

Simple as that.  

We don’t try and bamboozle you with lots of fancy pants industry jargon or complicated pricing structures.  We don’t have any of that.

Please allow me to introduce myself.  I’m Don Reid, leads have been my business since 2003.  Building Network Marketing businesses has been my thing since way back in 1992.  That was when I was first recruited and learned the ropes the old school way.

Then I gave it another go in 2002 where I was able to harness the tools of the internet.  On that trip I went from start to the diamond level in just 90 days.  Beat the pants off everyone else.

In 2003 it finally dawned on me the my downline could not duplicate my efforts due to a lack of leads.  

That’s when I got into the leads business.

Well you know how it is when something is working beyond belief.  Word spreads mighty fast.  Soon instead of just supplying leads to my downline I was supplying them to people all over the world.

That’s how we got to be one of the biggest and most certainly one of the best leads companies.

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