About XsitedLeads

Xsited Leads is new on the scene but only by name.  The site is owned by Don Reid who owns Xsited.com, ApacheLeads.com and of course, DonReid.com

Don was a very early adopter and pioneer of the Internet.  In 1995 he launched a chat program which was years ahead of its’ time, developed some of the very first membership sites, invented recurring billing and helped drive online banking.

In 2002 Don became the fastest ever to reach the Diamond level in the network marketing company called Life Force which is based in California.  Don grew a huge business with tens of thousands of people in his down-line.

Left: Don Reid on a fast train across France

He wanted to help his own teammates who needed leads, so he got into the leads business.  The initial idea had been to just source leads for his own group.  Trouble is with a good thing, word gets around very fast and soon Don was inundated with clients from all over the world.

Since then Don has been a leader in developing better leads, better prospecting methods, better recruiting, training and going above and beyond with support.

Right: Selfie in Barcelona, Spain

Wanting to bring a fresh outlet to the market has been the main motivation for developing Xsited Leads along with a desire to re-brand all Xsited web properties under the Xsited name.

Xsited Leads is here to serve you and help guide you to your dreams and goals.  We bring dedication, industry knowledge and experience unparalleled by any competitor.  

We also remove all risk from you and put is squarely on our shoulders with our 100% no risk guarantee.

We truly look forward to the opportunity to be part of your journey.  We take it seriously and promise to do as much or as little as you want from us.

The first step is to create a free leads manager account.  This will be where you purchase leads, have them delivered and where you manage the leads

It’s super expensive software but provided free to you today. Click here to sign up!

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